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It is enough to enable RDP in the device settings and connect to the computer using any Remote Desktop client. But there is a restriction on the number of simultaneous RDP sessions — only one remote user can work simultaneously. All desktop Windows versions including Win 10 and 11 have a number of restrictions on the Remote Desktop Service usage:.

Actually, the number of simultaneous RDP connections on Windows is limited by the license and not by any technical aspect. Technically, any Windows version with a sufficient amount of RAM can support the simultaneous operation of several dozens of remote users. Those, the maximum number of simultaneous RDP sessions is theoretically limited only by computer resources. Thus, the RDPWrap will work even in the case of termsrv.

It allows you not to be afraid of Windows updates. To install RDPWrap, run the install. After the installation is complete, run the RDPConfig. Most likely, immediately after installation, the tool will show that the RDP wrapper is running Installed, Running, Listening , but not working. Note the red warning [not supported]. It reports that this version of Windows 10 ver. The fact is that for each version of Windows 10 there must be a description in the rdpwrap.

The current version of the rdpwrap. Restart your computer, run the RDPConfig. Check that all items are green in the Diagnostics section and the caption [Fully supported] appears. The screenshot below shows that the RDP Wrapper with this new config works fine on Windows 11 as well. It worked out well you can even use saved RDP credentials! Now your Windows 10 allows two and more remote users to use different RDP sessions simultaneously.

Also, RDP Wrapper allows to:. If the utility showed [not supported] in the status section, then the rdpwrap.

Update the rdpwrap. How to know if there is support for your version of Windows in the rdpwrapper config file? The screenshot below shows that for my version of Windows 10 If there is no section in the config file for your version of Windows, try using Google to search for the rdpwrap. Add the lines you find to the end of the file.

It happens that when you try to establish a second RDP connection under a different user account, you see a warning:. In this case, you can use the Local Group Policy Editor gpedit.

Change its value to Restart your computer to update the GPO and apply the settings. To remove the restriction on the number of concurrent RDP user connections in Windows 10 without using rdpwrapper, you can replace the original termsrv. This is the main library file used by the Remote Desktop Service. Before you edit or replace the termsrv. This will help you to revert to the original version of the file if necessary. Open the elevated command prompt and run the command:.

Then you need to take ownership of the file. To change the owner of a file from TrustedInstaller to the local Administrators group using the command:. Now grant the local administrators group Full Control permissions on the termsrv. After that, stop the Remote Desktop service TermService using the services. Before moving on, you need to find out your version build number of Windows Open the PowerShell console and run the command:. Then open the termsrv.

Depending on your Windows build, you need to find and replace the string according to the table below:. Windows 10 x64 8B 99 3C 06 00 00 8B B9 38 06 00 Windows 10 x64 39 81 3C 06 00 00 0F 84 B1 7D 02 Tiny Hexer editor cannot edit termsvr. Copy it to your desktop, and after modification replace the original file. For example, my build of Windows 10 x64 is 21H1 Open the termsrv. If something goes wrong and you experience some problems with the Remote Desktop service, stop the service and replace the modified termsrv.

In order not to modify the termsrv. The script is universal and can be used to patch the termsrv. Stop RDP service, make a backup of the termsrv. To execute the script, download it to your computer. Change the PowerShell execution policy settings for the current session:. The script can be run after installing Windows updates to immediately make changes to the termsrv.

The advantage of the method of enabling multiple RDP sessions in Windows 10 or 11 by replacing the termsrv. The main drawback is that you will have to manually edit the termsrv. And if you are using RDPWrapper, you will also need to update the rdpwrap. In this article, we looked at how to remove the restriction on the number of simultaneous RDP user connections and run a free terminal server on desktop versions of Windows. Before installing RDP Wrapper, it is important to make that you are using the original unpatched version of the termsrv.

Otherwise, RDP Wrapper may become unstable or not start at all. How could you possibly confirm this? We patch every month with Patch Tuesday.

Hi Ben I tried after update. On GitHub there is no archive with. Anyone have the already compiled version? I cant find it either any help would be appreciate email to gdp hotmail. Apparently, the link in the article leads to an old or somewhat different fork of the project which contains only source codes.

Hi I am also getting same problem like Listener state [not supported ] and I have ran the update. A mi me ha funcionado correctamente tras ejecutar el archivo. Comprabado en un Windows 10 Pro 64bits. Change it from disabled to automatic, then right click the service and start it.

This worked for me I hope it helps. I found a site with the zip file containing the wininst. Everything was Green. However, when I try to run a second user remotely, it removes the first user. Everything looks good. On the host pc I am allowing all connections. Any help would be appreciated. In Other Words if there is a live RDP connection, I want to prevent other users to connect remotely at the same time forcing the live connection to break? If you only want a connection from a specific computer, set up firewall rules for port to only allow a certain mac address in.

By default each user is restricted to a single Remote Desktop session. Send your termsrv. Did you ever find out if this is possible? I have a client that wants to do this for about 20 users. You have tried to update using a update. Hi, yes I have. The problem started after Windows 10 updated to Build According to the developers, support of Windovs Hi, thanks for the replay. Sadly I am using 1. Only optionI found so far is uninstalling, setting windows settings back to allowing RDP after every uninstall it is set to no and reinstalling.

Then I have about 30 seconds to one minute to log every external user into windows. I will try uninstalling the windows update, maybe that will help until windows forces the update back in. I can only login 28 users. Is there any limit by Windows 10?

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