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Details required : characters remaining Cancel Submit. Choose where you want to search below Search Search the Community. My Netflix app I downloaded from the Microsoft app store randomly stopped playing any videos. It still takes me to my Netflix account, but when I hit play on a movie, it says there’s an error, gives me this code “QFFFF” and tells me to click on the link, but the link doesn’t do anything, or go anywhere.

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Details required :. Cancel Submit. Thanks again for posting! Kind regards, Agata J. How satisfied are you with this reply? Thanks for your feedback, it helps us improve the site. What helped for me was uninstalling the app and downloading it again from the Store. I hope it works for you! Yes My OS version is 8.


How to use Netflix on your Windows Phone.


Netflix has updated its Windows Phone 8. Aside from the Live Tile color changing from red to black and the bug fixes, there does not appear to be anything else that’s new or improved in this Netflix app update. We are still waiting for the streaming service to release its promised Windows 10 Mobile version. It launched the native Windows 10 app for PCs and tablets in December Download Netflix from the Windows Store opens in new tab.

Windows Central Windows Central. John Callaham. Topics Netflix. See all comments The current app isn’t a Windows 10 app? I didn’t even realize that. It freezes all the time. Often I have to uninstall and reinstall for it to work for my wife. Netflix on 10 Mobile hasn’t worked for me for the last month or so of builds. I see the splash screen for several seconds and then it closes.

Me too. And this latest update still hasn’t fixed that The fresh coat of paint is nice, but it doesn’t mean a thing if it still doesn’t work. I contacted WC about this. I talked for a long time yesterday with Netflix. They are aware of this and are talking with Microsoft about what the issue is.

It’s not Netflix though it’s the OS. Try Soft reset. Maybe uninstall and reinstall it. I had a similar issue on one build and soft reset fixed it. Same with me, so frustrating. I actually found a workaround in Windows Store comment: 1. Start Netflix 2. Before the app crash, Press Windows Start button to go back to start screen 3. Launch Netflix again Happy days. That worked for me too. Thanks for the tip! How the heck did you stumble upon this workaround?

I figured it out by accident. You’re a saint! The app hasn’t worked on my phone for several days. I uninstalled, reinstalled, rebooted–nothing. Then I saw your post, tried it, and now I’m gold.

Thank you!!! Worked for me too, great tip! That’s funny, what phone do you have? I Lumia series or the series? It been working on my , , and ‘s without issues forever along with Hulu. I use both of those apps daily. I only had Netflix issues with a couple of the very first builds of w10m released to the public. But Hulu plus crashes while launching. So when do we see continuum compatibility? We’ll see that when they convert to UWP But now that more of the older phones are getting Windows 10 Mobile, that may well happen sometime in the coming months.

More older phones are getting Windows 10? Was there a second wave of Phones that can get W10M? The carriers are slow to deliver. No, there was no second wave.

You can continuum Netflix with Edge ;. This app didn’t open for me. Hasn’t in a while. See my comment above. If anyone is having trouble opening the Netflix app, there is a trick to getting it to work. This is when you open the app, it brings up the splash screen for a little and then exits.

I read about a workaround on the reviews and ratings of the Netflix app in the Windows store: 1. Launch the Netflix app 2. When the spash screen comes up, press the Windows Home button on your phone which will bring you back to the start screen.

Re-launch the Netflix app It should start working if you followed those simple steps. I don’t know why you have to do this, but it works for me.

Lumia on most up to date slow ring build. Thank you, it wouldn’t launch until I did exactly as you said. This in-fact works. This doesn’t work for me for some reason.

You have to use the windows logo and then the tile again. Don’t use the back button, that didn’t work for me. Did this. All did the home button, multitasking, open Netflix again from there. Neither way works for me.

Darn, that sucks. Clearly not a workaround for everyone. Netflix really needs to know about this and fix it. Curious if this is some limitation with their current app 8.

Make sure you give it a bad review and also give feedback on Netflix’s site. I have already done the first and will do the second. I don’t feel like I need to do workarounds for basic things like this ya know? Great tip, I tried all the combinations adding uninstalling, installing, moving to sd, moving to phone, removing the backup info of netflix but still no luck!

Glad they finally updated it to a black tile and fixed the streaming issue. You’ll have to re-enter your credentials when you update, but then it’s back to working again on WP10! Its from white to black, not red to black. The N is red still :P. John Callaham confirmed to be a time traveler: “It launched the native Windows 10 app for PCs and tablets in December The icon was never red, just the title, not sure the W10 app launched at the end of the current year either.

Does anyone proof read articles anymore? Hey, a new logo is better than it being pulled from the store. It still crashes on start up. And now it doesn’t open on my xl on the latest fast ring build Where can I get old xaps? Also, I need this app working through continuum! Launch Netflix again. December ? Wait, it is already? December BC. Ok Netflix. Now where is your Windows 10 UWP app that supports continuum?


Netflix windows app – cadmium windows mobile –

Download the Netflix app for Windows here. Read all about how to get most out of Netflix. Watch offline, stream to your TV and more! And Netflix is now in that number – most of us with Windows 10 Mobile had been using the old Windows Phone application which – amazingly. When I use my Netflix Windows App – Cadmium Windows Mobile, under streaming activity in the Netflix tab appear three different IP addresses.


– How can you tell if someone is secretly using your Netflix account? –


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Microsoft to retire Office apps for Windows 10 Mobile. I have the same question Report abuse. Details required :. Cancel Submit. Thanks again for posting! Kind regards, Agata J. How satisfied are you with this reply? Thanks for your feedback, it helps us improve the site. What helped for me was uninstalling the app and downloading it again from the Store.

I hope it works for you! Yes My OS version is 8. Agata J. Thanks for your contribution to the forums! Kind Regards, Michal TR. Thank you for all the replies. I went thru all the options I had, and discovered that there was a connection error between the wifi I have and my phone, so all issues have been resolved with my Netflix problem.

Thank you guys so much. Oh yeah, mine is too. It seemed the sections were scrolling endlessly, so I stopped looking before I got to the bottom. I don’t know why it’s not kept at the top. Yeah i like the Netflix app, and Hulu too. Windows 10 store is, again, gaining momentum. Don’t screw up softies. Because of app that was already available? The website still looks better. More people are using the app on W10 than the website.

And they invested the resources to rebuild it because it’s been doing so well. That is a sign of momentum; they could’ve just left it as the minorly updated W8 version they pushed out a little while ago, and they didn’t. Would love if it supported all the different cast technologies like Chromecast and airplay etc Fantastic app.

It seems faster no really, it does and I really dig the new layout. Yeah I can run it on my netbook with no problem, unlike old one. It loads tiles more slowly; if you flip down really fast on slower hardware you can force it to relaod all the tiles one at a time. Most other things seem to be better though, so obviously some more optimizations need to get done. Two questions. Does it support casting like Edge or Movies app?

Can you use the app while projecting to miricast? Will download this as soon as I finish updating my devices. Definitely first day I haven’t used edge for Netflix. It’s really great, I was pleasantly surprised!

I don’t like that it shows episode captures, it could lead to spoilers. But well. Now this is what I like. How is this better? There are no categories like in the old app. How do you find all Sci-Fi movies or all action movies or all comedies? Netflix is one of the few apps I prefer to use on my laptop instead of the website. It’s just pleasant to use. Worked great before and now on the same PC that it ran fine on, since the update it constantly crashes with a “F2 Something Went Wrong” error.

Anyone else experiencing this? Yes – constantly. It’s driving me nuts. This, plus the ablity to drop to start menu and launch plex, hulu, etc, and MCE is no longer needed other than OTA recording. New update of Netflix seems more professionally designed and ticks the boxes for the new windows design recommendations.

I think the UI would feel better if the hamburger menu and ” Random question: Has anybody tried navigating this app with an Xbox controller? Wondering if it is THAT universal :. That would be freaking awesome! Sometimes I just want to game sitting on my couch with the keyboard and mouse in my other room where the PC sits and just do easy things with the Controller in windows, like quick answer a mail or Skype message etc. This is great! I do hope they are going for a great continuum experience and utilizing both screens; watch a movie on the big screen, but on the phone screen change settings, choose different episode, read the synopsis etc..

Such great potential. Much Wow. Tried it – biggest issue so far is “My List” being buried. For me, it’s all the way at the bottom after every other possible category.

I don’t understand why that wouldn’t be the first or second thing after the most recently watched items. Maybe someone got a sort order wrong? Netflix are always at the forefront of app development.

That’s one of the reasons they have been so successful. A good UI experience can make up for not always having the catalogue you expect. Customers know they don’t have to worry about the device, Netflix will be there with a decent app.

I disagree. I preferred being able to scan more items more quickly in the drill downs on the previous version. It takes longer to review the titles on offer now and feels more cumbersome. Looking good is good, but form must be driven by function, not the other way around. I watch Netflix via my Roku or PS4, not on a What a horrible experience that would be I don’t even have it installed on my Tablet or iPhone.