BAR Salts by Slushie 10ml – 20MG

Slushie Bar Salts 10ml have entered the famous bar flavoured nicotine salts arena with some heavyweight flavours for sure. Slushie is back with a bang having created some mouth watering flavours to satisfy many using their pod kits. Available in 10ml bottles with either a 10mg or 20mg nicotine strength we are sure most, if not all, will find a flavour they will call their own!


Slushie is back but this time in Nicotine Salt form. Liqua Vape presents you with 30 of their most popular flavours from the Slushie High VG Line in 10ml, 10mg & 20mg nic salts. Two Limited Edition Flavours including Red Energy Slush & Rainbow Slush. Don’t delay and vape Slushie salts today!

Slushie Bar Salts 10ml have entered the famous bar flavoured nicotine salts arena with some heavyweight flavours for sure. Slushie is back with a bang having created some mouth watering flavours to satisfy many using their pod kits. Available in 10ml bottles with either a 10mg or 20mg nicotine strength we are sure most, if not all, will find a flavour they will call their own!

Thirty, yes, 30 different flavours have been released providing vapers with an immense choice- we say try them all at this crazy price- Slushie Bar Salts 10ml are here to stay we are certain!

Let us dive right into the flavour profiles of the newly released Slushie Bar Nic Salts in 10ml bottles!

Slushie Bar Salts 10ml Flavours

Slushie Bar Apple Berry Blast – Experience juicy apple and sweet berry flavour with Slushie Bar Salts’ Apple Berry Blast e-liquid! The perfect balance of tart and sweet makes this classic flavour pairing a refreshing treat. Enjoy a cool icy blast with every exhale!

Slushie Bar Blackberry Lemonade – Our unique blend of dark blackberries and sweet fizzy lemonade creates a refreshingly zesty vaping experience. Enjoy the perfect balance of tartness and sweetness like never before!

Slushie Bar Blackcurrant Menthol – Experience a unique mix of sweet and menthol. This perfect harmony of tart blackcurrant and a cool, refreshing menthol exhale will leave you thrilled! Indulge your senses and dive into an icy sensation!

Slushie Bar Blackcurrant Watermelon Bubblegum – This e-liquid is a perfect treat for your taste buds! Treat yourself to the indulgent flavour of Slushie Bar Salt’s Blackcurrant Watermelon Bubblegum e-liquid. Revel in this sophisticated yet sweet blend of blackcurrants and watermelon, a tantalising combination of sophistication and delight. Enjoy now!

Slushie Bar Blueberry Strawberry Blackberry – Delight your senses and indulge your sweet tooth with Slushie Bar Salt E-Liquids. Our Blueberry Strawberry Blackberry e-liquid is a medley of juicy ripe strawberries, bold blueberries, and dark blackberries, sure to satisfy your cravings with each and every puff. How delicious does that sound?

Slushie Bar Blueberry Pomegranate – This flavour consists of mouth-watering, tangy blueberries and sweet notes of fresh exotic pomegranates.

Slushie Bar Blue Razz Lemonade – Blue Razz Lemonade filled with wonderful blueberries and raspberries gives you a smooth sweet and tart flavour, topped off with a dash of refreshingly tasty lemonade.

Slushie Bar Blueberry Sour Raspberry – Blue Raspberry flavouring paired with a sweet and sour note and a candy layer to finish, giving you the perfect blue raspberry blend.

Slushie Bar Cotton Candy Ice – Cotton Candy is highly reminiscent of a childhood trip to the fair, fresh swirls of beautifully sweet candy floss, A deliciously sweet flavour to tingle your taste buds.

Slushie Bar Fizzy Cherry – Treat yourself to Slushie Bar Salts’ Fizzy Cherry e-liquid for a memorable vaping experience. Enjoy the sweet and tart taste of cherries with a delightful sparkling base that’ll make you crave more. Get ready to be captivated by this fizzy cherry sensation!

Slushie Bar Fresh Mint – The fresh mint flavour features refreshing and head clearing mint, a deliciously tasty and minty exhale.

Slushie Bar Gummy Bear – A sweet and tangy, fruit candy flavour with a distinct hint of gummy bears.

Slushie Bar Hawaiian Pog – A tribute to hawaii’s iconic beverage, the p.o.g! a tropical medley of tart passion fruit, tangy oranges and sweet guava is essentially sunshine and tropics all in one.

Slushie Bar Kiwi Passion Guava – This flavour consists of sweet and tangy notes of exotic kiwis that are paired with tantalizing passion fruit highlights and tropical guava.

Slushie Bar Lemon Lime – Experience the thrill of sharp citrus flavors with the perfect blend of sweet and sour limes and tangy lemons. A tart and exciting burst of flavor with every puff!

Slushie Bar Menthol – Menthol e-liquid flavour is perfect for those who enjoy chilled flavours. with a high of sweetness, our menthol vape will deliver a highly cooling feeling in your mouth.

Slushie Bar Mr Blue – Selection of blueberries, blackberries and raspberries all mixed in one to create amazing delectable flavour.

Slushie Bar Peach Ice – Ripe and sweet peaches, brimming with delicious juice on a bed of crushed ice, a deliciously refreshing and fruity for all sweet fruit lovers.

Slushie Bar Pink Lemonade – The tartness of the red berries combines with an authentic lemonade flavour to create a sweet, pink lemonade flavour.

Slushie Bar Raspberry Blueberry Lemonade – Crafted from the perfect blend of sweet and tangy berries and a tart zesty lemon, you’ll enjoy a unique and tantalizing vaping experience. Don’t miss out on this one-of-a-kind treat!

Slushie Bar Red Apple Raspberry – The crisp and sweet taste of a traditional red apple is given a tangy endnote by the raspberry flavour.

Slushie Bar Sour Skizzles  – Inspired from famous skittles sweets. the ludicrous blend of mixed fruit flavoured sweets will leave you with an inconceivable taste.

Slushie Bar Strawberry Apple Blackcurrant – Experience a slushy explosion of flavour with Slushie Bar Salt E-Liquids! Our unique blend of juicy strawberries, tangy apples, and tart blackcurrants is sure to satisfy your taste buds like a frosty and delicious treat! Get your fix without any brain freeze!

Slushie Bar Strawberry Kiwi – Intricately layering ingredients to create an irresistible, strawberry ice kick upon inhale whilst the kiwi explodes exotic vibes on the tongue upon exhale.

Slushie Bar Strawberry Watermelon Bubblegum – Nothing beats fruity the mouth-watering taste of strawberries and watermelons, leaving you with the perfect burst of juiciness.

Slushie Bar Vimbull Ice – A unique and exciting vaping experience with bold, rich berry flavour combined with a fizzy and energizing energy drink twist. Leave your taste buds tingling with an unforgettable vapour delight!

Slushie Bar Watermelon Cherry – The tantalizing blend of juicy watermelon and slightly sharp cherry creates a perfect balance of sweet and tart for an exciting and refreshing experience. Enjoy the cooling blast of summer anytime with Slushie Bar Salt!

Slushie Bar Watermelon Ice – is the ultimate watermelon flavoured 50/50 e-liquid, which is perfect to use in any device.

Slushie Bar Watermelon Kiwi Apple – Experience a zesty blast of flavour with Slushie Bar Salt E-Liquids! Our delightfully refreshing blend of juicy kiwis, crisp apples, and sweet watermelons will tantalize your taste buds and leave you lost in a world of flavour. Try it and be inspired!

Slushie Bar White Pear Ice – Refresh your taste buds! Our delightful blend of juicy pears and icy coolness will tantalize your senses and keep you invigorated throughout the day. Enjoy the perfect balance of sweetness and freshness today!

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Slushie Bar Salts 10ml Features

10ml Bottles
Nicotine Strengths of 10mg
50% VG | 50% PG
Intended For Starter Kits and Pod Devices
Made In The UK
Childproof Cap
Tamper Evident Seal


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