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Vaporesso Luxe XR Empty Replacement Pods | DTL Version | 5ml 2pcs/pack

The VAPORESSO LUXE XR PODS are the replaceable coil version of LUXE X pod. These mesh replacement pods that are compatible with the Vaporesso Luxe X pod kit. These pods come with a unique Vaporesso SSS leak-resistant design that will be sure to keep leakage to an absolute minimum. These pods are also compatible with the GTX coil platform and the LUXE X POD.

  • 5ml e-liquid capacity
  • SSS leak-resistant technology
  • MTL and DTL vaping

Pod Recommended Compatibility


Replacement pods for use in the Vaporesso XR Max Pod Vape Kit. Designed for use with Vaporesso GTX coils, depending on your preference of draw and power.

Sold in packs of 2.

Pod Types

Luxe XR pods are available in three different styles to cover each vaping style, from MTL to RDL, and DTL vaping.

Vaporesso Luxe XR Replacement Pods - Three options


The Vaporesso Luxe XR pods are available in three different types, designed to be compatible with DTL, RDL and MTL vaping styles when using the respective compatible Vaporesso GTX coils.


The Luxe XR DTL pods are compatible with the dedicated DTL coils that Vaporesso offer within their GTX coil range:

  • GTX 0.15Ω Mesh – 60-75w (Best 70w)
  • GTX 0.2Ω Mesh – 45-60w (Best 55w)
  • GTX 0.3Ω Mesh – 32-45w (Best 40w)
  • GTX 0.4Ω Mesh – 26-32w (Best 30w)
  • GTX 0.6Ω Mesh – 20-30w (Best 28w)


The Luxe XR RDL pods are designed to offer a slightly more restrictive inhale (restricted direct to lung vaping) compared to the DTL option and are compatible with the following Vaporesso GTX RDL coils:

  • GTX 0.4Ω Mesh – 26-32w (Best 30w)
  • GTX 0.6Ω Mesh – 20-30w (Best 28w)


The Luxe XR MTL pods deliver a far tighter draw than their RDL and DTL counterparts, perfect for the replication of smoking a cigarette and far less power, using the following Vaporesso GTX MTL coils:

  • GTX 0.6Ω Mesh – 20-30w (Best 28w)
  • GTX 0.8Ω Mesh – 12-16w (Best 16w)
  • GTX 1.2Ω Mesh – 8-12w (Best 11w)
  • GTX 1.2Ω Regular – 8-12w (Best 11w)
Vaporesso Luxe XR Replacement Pods - Highly compatible with both MTL & RDL experiences
Vaporesso Luxe XR Replacement Pods - For both MTL and RDL experiences


The Vaporesso Luxe XR replacement pods have SSS leak-resistant technology to lock the liquid inside, and reduce leakage with maximum effect.

Vaporesso Luxe XR Refillable Eliquid Pods - Anti leaking, anti messing

Accurate flavour, lasting 50% longer

The built-in Morph-Mesh structured coil technology, combined with cumulus cotton microfiber, ensures more rapid and even heating, and thus improving the efficiency when vaporising the e-liquid, to provide a true and accurate flavour representation.

Vaporesso Luxe XR Replacement Pods - COREX Heating technology

Comes With:
1 x Pack of 2 Vaporesso Luxe XR Replacement Pods 5ml (DTL Version)

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